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Which Planet?

It is thought that planets are living, self-regulating organisms (they are not a 'thing' but an actual living, breathing creature in their own right, like humans). We are all affected by each other's vibration (energy field). Each planet has a unique vibration, and whichever planet you are attracted to, says much about your own personal base vibration (the true part of your soul that does not change).

Look at the planets below. Which one are you drawn toward? Only choose one.

Which planet are you drawn to?

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Karina Says: Jupiter is the planet of bounty and expansion - which means your soul is naturally giving - you may give more than you receive in this life, but in so doing, you are living your soul's purpose. You are an evolved being, and chose the body you are in and the life you were born to for a reason. This is probably the last time you will incarnate (be born) on Earth before you move to a Higher dimension. So what does all this mean in practical terms for your Earthly life? It means you were born to improve other peoples lives - starting with family - but moving on from there, and helping those in the wider community. The only danger is that you become ensnared by one or two needy people, these may be family, friends or lovers - at some point you must say enough is enough, even if this makes you feel guilty. You are destined to help many, and not few. Jupiter souls, you are a gift to us all, and from the bottom of our heart (the World), we thank you. Thank you for being YOU.
Ps: At some time you will read an article, travel to a place or see a program/film that will inspire you, it will stir your compassion, take this a sign of direction. Until it happens you won't understand this message.



Karina Says: You chose Mars, the planet of passion, drive and determination. This is your soul's character. You were born with a need to get things done, to make things happen, where others sit and talk, you are busy doing it. If for any reason you don't feel this applies to you, it means you are ignoring all that Mars energy within you.

You my darling have the POWER to effect change in your life, your work, your community and further. If you feel frustrated by your life, it's because you don't believe enough in yourself. There is a burning fire within, let the flame consume you. Dare to move out of your comfort zone and be yourself. You were born to be daring and courageous, and to live an honorable life. Mars is associated with war, the planet of life and death. It means your life is likely to be very cyclical - you may experience 2 or 3 major cycles in your life, endings and new beginnings. To make the most of this energy, be ready always to let go of one cycle and embrace the next. Mars souls - live with passion, worry is for others.

Ps: If you feel your life is drifting for more than 2 years without some passion (be that for love, work or an interest), it's time to face the truth and move in a new direction.



Karina Says: Only a select few of you will pick this planet. You have chosen Mercury, the nearest planet to the Sun. Although it is the smallest of all the planets (you could drop it into the Atlantic Ocean), it is the fastest moving, travelling speedily around the sun in 88 days. This means you have the ability to 'get it' quickly.

Mercury souls, your intuition is key to your success, you must learn to trust the moments of inspiration (ideas) that flash into your mind. The sooner you act on those ideas, the more ideas flow to you. If you've ignored your intuition or dismissed it as fantasy/imagination, you have shut down your extraordinary gift and will experience unnecessary struggles. Fortunately, you can reverse the situation quickly - listen and act. As your soul vibrates on the energy of Mercury, it means you have one foot firmly in this world of reality and one in the land of the Gods. When you act on those flashes of inspiration, you can expect a life of material and spiritual abundance.

However, although you may wish for lots of money, you will find you don't need as much as you may think. You will be granted enough to live comfortably and thereafter you belong to the Gods who inspire you to turn your attention toward charitable deeds.



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Reading designed personally by Karina for you (thank you to my readers for reporting other naughty sites that are copying my readings and trying to pass them off as their own).

I am obliged to say this is for entertainment purposes only.


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