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Phone Call From
The Other Side
by Karina Collins
International Psychic


Acclaimed and respected Brazilian researcher Sonia Rinaldi, records phone conversations with the other side. In particular she helps parents contact their dead children.  Her recordings and methods have been studied intensively under scientific conditions in labs.

Sonia Rinaldi, M.S. Researcher

The Phone Call Procedure

The parents make an appointment with Sonia. They are instructed to prepare 10 questions. On the appointed day, Sonia hands a phone to the parents and leaves an extension phone open for those in the Spirit world. The telephone is connected to a microphone and all conversations are recorded directly into a computer.

The parents ask their 10 questions, leaving 20 seconds between each question. During the silent time between questions, no one on this side of life speaks, but the recording on the computer registers the voices of those in the Spirit world as they respond. The parents won't hear the responses until the end of the session when the recording is played back. The person in spirit is identified by their voice and the detailed information that only the parents know.

One Such Real Life Phone Call ....
Translated into English
Excerpt from:

Afterlife Communication by
Craig Hogan


Rita Goulart lost her daughter Daniela at the age of 22 in a car accident. The following is a transcript of Rita's call with Daniela.

Remember, Rita and Sonia cannot hear Daniela's response. They can only hear her response on the recording once the session is over and is played back.

Sonia: "Good morning dear friends. We are online with Rita, anxious to speak to our dear Daniela."

Rita: "Hi Danni, my beloved daughter. I miss you so much. I miss our love and friendship. My daughter, what I would like to know the most is how you are my love. Are you all right?"

Daniela: "Answer yourself Rita!"
Rita later explained why Daniela answered in this way. She said 'I knew inside that she was happy and fine, so she knew that I knew. And many times she called me by my name Rita! This told me how happy she was on the Other Side'.

Rita: "Daughter, how is it to live in the spiritual dimension?"

Daniela: "Friendship. You should know more."

Rita: "My daughter, the coming of Jefferson to our family so soon after your passing. Were you OK with that?"
After Daniela passed, Rita adopted a 5 year old child named Jefferson.

Daniela: "You will see at home."

Rita later explained. "We are really already seeing every day that Jefferson speaks about her as if he had known her and they had lived together. It is impressive that a 6 year old child says what he does. We adopted Jefferson after Daniela died, so they never met. But day by day he talks about her, proving she is around and inspiring him. Just as she said in the recording, 'you will see at home,' we really do see."

At this stage, Sonia interrupted Rita because she was asking the questions too quickly, not allowing much time for Daniela to respond. But funnily, Daniela defended her mother.

Sonia: "Rita, leave more time so Daniela can answer."

Daniella: "I am hearing!"

At this moment the line dropped and there seemed to be some confusion in the Spirit world. The voice of another spirit, a lady is picked up on the recording scolding Daniela. The spirit lady calls Daniela by the nickname she had on earth.

Spirit lady: "Oooo Danni!! Don't touch it!! Leave it normal!"

What follows is more voices in spirit commenting on the problem with the line.

Male Spirit: "It was lost!"

Female Spirit: "OK. I saw."

Elderly sounding Spirit: "It doesn't work!"

A young female Spirit: "A bit more time."

Daniela: "Testing again!"

Female Spirit: "Danni forgot the danger!"
Later Rita said, 'it was just like Danni. The fact that the line had dropped I am absolutely sure was her trying to press some button to leave the clearest communication. It was Danni's style. Whenever she got a new device, she would try to touch all buttons and test all possibilities, she loved to discover more tools or functions in the appliances of our house."

Daniela: "One thing is certain: I love all of you"
Here Daniela is replying to the next question, before it was asked.
Rita: "Daughter, send a message for Dad, for mum and for brother Dudu."

Rita: "Also, for Elson, my daughter say a word."
Here Rita is asking about Daniela's boyfriend Elson. He loved her greatly and suffered much after her passing.

Daniela: "He is really sad! Mummy, you can imagine. He stopped his life."

Daniela: "I love you."

Rita: "A big kiss."

Daniela: "I also want to kiss you."

Because Rita had finished her 10 questions, Sonia interjected.

Sonia: "Hi Daniela."

Daniela: "You are wearing night clothes."
Sonia was wearing pajamas at the time of the call. This statement confirms that the speakers from beyond see us.

Sonia: "Let's talk a bit more ..."

Rita: "Hello my love. Speak something to your mother."

Daniela: "One day we will speak even more clearly. Death, Mother - you feel it in the air."
Daniela's statement about death matches what her boyfriend said. He said that one hour before the car accident, Daniela was strangely insistent on trying to call her family, as if some part of her knew it was time to say goodbye.

Rita: "How can we help you to be fine always?"

Daniela: "I didn't die!"

Sonia: "Daniela, let me also ask you one thing: Where do you live?"

Daniela: "I go to Earth. It is very similar to here."

Female Spirit voice interrupts: "I am off."

Sonia: "Daniela, who is with you at this moment at the Station?"

Brief explanation:

Sonia suspects that there are 'stations' or points of energy where it is possible for Spirits to congregate and connect with the living. Rather like a phone tower or station. Sonia has tried to make phone calls on behalf of non-Brazilians, but they never work. The spirit world told her that each country has their own station and spirit leaders on the other side.

According to Sonia:
"The person apparently must be Brazilian, or the deceased must be Brazilian.  On 11 September of 2011, when I saw on television that many Americans were dying, I made a contact by phone and asked, “Are you (in the station) receiving many people today?  Are you receiving Americans?”  The reply was, “This is a station of Brazilians.”

continues ...

Daniela: "It's my grandfather."
A masculine voice speaks, possibly her grandfather, confirming his presence.

: "Ok, Daniela. Now mum is going to tell you goodbye."

Daniela: "It was good."

Rita: "Goodbye my beloved daughter."
At this point something strange happened. Rita's voice was modulated into words she was certain she never spoke.

Rita's altered voice: "I love you so much, my star."

Daniela: "It was great."

Another young female Spirit voice: "Here is Cecilia."

Daniela: "You are going to bring all of them."
 This suggested that Daniela wished Sonia to connect with all the other young spirit friends who were with her.

Sonia: "We are so grateful to the Station friends."

Little Girl SPEAKS

Most of Sonia's recordings are in Portuguese, the language spoken in Brazil. However, this is an English recording I found of a little girl who was so excited to be talking again to her mother.


Sonia: Would you like to leave a message for your mother?

Little Spirit girl: "Mommy, I can talk!!!"

Listen To The Voice Recording

Nearly all parents who receive calls from their children, with Sonia's help, say they clearly recognise their children's voice.

Karina xoxo


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